Birken Design

An electric car salesman interested in technology & an Engineering student with a focus on technical design turned out to be the perfect soup to cook our wonderful lamps. With sustainability and quality in focus, we want to create an obvious bright spot in your home, for all moments.

Our 3D printed lamp creates a wonderful mix between classic and modern Scandinavian design. Each lamp is created uniquely to order and produced from recycled plastic in our studio on Egnahemsvägen in Gothenburg.

The Scandinavian colors of the lamps blend beautifully into everything from the window sill and bookshelf to the bedside table and bedroom window. With a fabric lamp cord and dimmer function, you can create exactly the brightness and warmth you are looking for in your home with the push of a button.

We create our lamps according to the motto "Perfect Imperfection". Each lamp is unique and has its peculiarities, it is also precisely this that creates a perfect lamp. The lamps can therefore have unique beauty changes such as minor changes in colour, shape and material.

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