Elin Ruist

My creations are very inspired by nature's shapes, colors and structures and I prefer crystal-forming glazes and glazes that resemble mother-of-pearl or growth surfaces. The fact that I am a biologist is no coincidence in this context.

Working out thin edges in the porcelain clay with just the right amount of water between the fingers is among the best feeling I know. I make ceramics with a design language that is framed by the beauty and clear expression of porcelain clay. My ceramics often have organic shapes with thin edges and are reminiscent of shapes and colors from nature and the sea.

Although the closeness to nature dominates in my works, I am weak at the knees for poppy and pastel colors. Having the white porcelain as a background makes the glazes clear and distinct. I love both the pure porcelain as well as fine glaze combinations and often have many different glazes on each piece, the glaze effects that occur when they are layered and run is a big part of the joy of working in ceramics for me.

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